Afternoon Stroll : Rooftop


Fun fact : These pictures were taken before I lost my phone.

      You could love or hate this city.  Crowded, traffic jam, and pollution.  But at the same time, you will find heritage buildings, good foods, and lovely places to see sunset.

We were lucky to find the right place to see the sunset.
Rooftop was nice.  We could see poorly-managed Jakarta, and the long line of traffic jam, and thanked God for being on top of the building.

I was wearing :
American Eagle Blazer / Pull & Bear's Skinny Jeans.
Photos taken on :
Diana Mini 35mm

Film used : Kodak Colorplus

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  1. hi syif! gue kira blog lu masih di dear cookies hehe. congratulation on your new blog! btw kalo pake template udah jadi gue saranin lu pake setting ukuran fotonya original size. jadi lebarnya pas.

    happy blogging!

    1. Thank you for your advice! I deleted Dear Cookies, put it on FAQ already :)