Photo Diary : June 2016.


Little Sparrow.  This cat was around the student council secretariat for (around) a month.  She was clever, rarely whine and loved sleeping on the stack of boxes we had.  After the summer break, she was no longer been around the usual places she used to be.  I sometimes wonder where she is right now... during the cold rainy days we have in Jatinangor these days.
       Maybe she is sleeping.
                 The way she usually did on the stack of boxes.
                       But - maybe - now on the warm stack of pillows.

Kunst House
 Where I learn how to manual brew, deal with different people, embrace every little 'thank you' they give to me.
Comfort zone since 2014.


En Route.
In frame : Aliefta and Afif. 

Dinner.  It was the day when I had dinner with my boss' family and colleagues from the cafe I part-timed for.  Cute pink neon lights, delicious dessert, nice chit chat with people I rarely talk to.
                There's saying that the best things in life are free,
                               well I couldn't agree more.

 Attracting customers
with cheesy line.
since 2016.

Self-portrait.  Taken by Afif, under the low light, on sleepy and slow night.  What a pretty awkward moment because we were sitting around people we just knew - friends of our friend.  Luckily there was a fat cat approached us, slept on my lap right after this picture was taken.
     They (friends of our friend) said the cat was a old fat grumpy cat that had been there since forever.
          Well, but she slept peacefully...

Chit chat.
Taken by Afif.
At the same under the low light place.

These pictures are special for me because they are my first analog results, my first analog experience was captured in every picture I took on the film.  The anxiety I had whether I had set the shutter speed right or not, did I capture the moment, did I set the right ISO under the limited lightning?
There's always a first time for everything.
Photos taken on Ricoh.
Film used : Fujifilm Superia 200 (Expired 2008)
June 2016.

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