Thought : Does It Even Matter?


Expecting other people to eternally fair, kind, considerate, and loving is unrealistic. If you want "love", you will not find it in another person.  Your concept of "what love" means can only be aggregated from acquired information, consumed content, and your life experiences.  You can only really ever 'love' yourself. You might get fortunate and find some one who can eternally deal with the amount you do/don't love yourself.  Relationships create some "solitary moment" where you hold some one close and say, "Ya know what. Our little life together is meaningful."

Human nature is so misleading. It is warm, vulnerable, and loving.

Human nature is also insecure, hurtful and resentful.
- Nothing Matters, Carles

Stumbled into the beautiful work from Carles, which I got earlier this year but just had a chance to read it.  The (e-)book is mainly about how the writer sees the world and everything around do not matter.  It doesn't mean the writer wants us to think that life is meaningless.  Things that evolve around us should not restrain us from being who we truly are.

Maybe some things matter,
But not everything matters.

Pictures taken on Canon EOS 5
using Lucky Black&White (expired July 2016)

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