Photo Shoot : Batoe Api, My Safe Heaven


This February, I was asked to be a model.  An amateur model because I had no career on modelling, emm although when I was in elementary school I was asked to be a model for text book (no joking) and my face was all over the text book.

The photo shoot was held for Kak Galih's mini exhibition that held in KUNST House Jatinangor (where I work).  He is a great analog photographer and the pictures on exhibitions were taken using analog camera.  These pictures were taken using digital camera, to adjust the setting and find the exact moments - turned out to be some beautiful pictures I have ever been inside.

The location is at Batoe Api, a local library in Jatinangor, the place I love the most here.  Nice owners, great books and every Thursday, there will be movies played - non commercial one and different themes every week.  This is my safe heaven, surrounded by books, unique musics (only in Batoe Api you can hear Moroccan Indie music) and great talks.  Surely this was one of the greatest experience I've ever done, not only getting great pictures but I also got involved in searching for the right picture.  I learned a lot.

All pictures were taken by @galihsadhira

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