Tokyo, October 2017.


I'm back in Japan.

I am here joining METI Japan Internship Program.  This internship is a program held by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan which has a goal to globalize local companies in Japan.  Some companies and industries are still developing their business and some of them want to expand the business abroad.

Until December, I will be in Japan as an intern in a hydrogen water company located in Kikuchi, Kumamoto.  Before, 8th - 12th of October I had a training in Chiba.  Chiba is near Tokyo about an hour train trip.  During the training, I had learn about Japanese business manners and intercultural case studies.

Since I have never been to Tokyo, I always made a way to go to Tokyo - every night when I had a training in Chiba.  Japan never disappoints me, not until now.  In Chiba and Tokyo, I was so amazed with how people were dressed up freely, expressing themselves in style.  Not only young people, middle age and old people looked so stylish in the streets.  It's autumn now and I saw so many people wearing tartan patterns on their clothes.

GINZA - The first night, I went to Tokyo Station to meet Luthfan, my AFS friend who is currently studying in Tokyo.  We went to Tokyo Station and strolled around Ginza.  Ginza was popular for being the place where people shop branded and luxurious stuffs.  No, I didn't go for shopping because 1. I did not have that much money, 2. The stores were closed at 8 PM (meanwhile we arrived in Tokyo Station around 7:30 PM).  But Ginza was beautiful, a lot of people, I found a street musician playing 'Just The Two Of Us' which made Luthfan and I stopped for a while, listening to the song.

HARAJUKU & SHIBUYA - I was so hyped when I arrived to the Harajuku Station.  Grew up reading GALS!, I always dream to go to Shibuya one day AND IT HAPPENED THIS MONTH, THIS YEAR.  I was so hyped, I couldn't really tell how I felt.  The nervousness was exactly like when you were going to meet your crush after a long summer holiday.  Well, so there I was in Harajuku and Shibuya.  Two big cities in Japan, two famous cities in Japan.

I made to see the famous 109 tower and the super busy street.  The famous zebra cross in Shibuya.  ALSO I MET HACHIKO!  Harajuku and Shibuya gave me a lot of tingling sensation that I would never forget.  This was the city you would not simply forget, yet for me, once was enough to be around (because it was crowded, unless you love crowded places, you'd definitely love Shibuya).

SHINJUKU - Came here for the sake of Halal Ramen and it was worth it.  Shinjuku was bright, with all the store lamps.  I guess most people in Tokyo, they would go to Shinjuku for after-work-drinking time (nomikai)?  Because there were so many places that sold beer and beef, which could be a heaven for a beer lover.  Halal ramen was amazing, it tasted so good.  It was quite expensive (2.500 Yen for a portion) but it WAS WORTH IT because of the huge meal size.  Most of the people who work in the halal ramen restaurant that we visited were Indonesians (some Malays).

3 nights in Tokyo, in a row.  At that moment it was more than enough for me because I get to stroll around and met my old friend, Luthfan with who I talked a lot during the trip.  Tokyo was no doubt, attractive.  No wonder a lot of people wanting to come again to Tokyo after the first visit.  The vibe was amazing, so beautiful to see people dressing nicely in the street yet they still queued in a line while waiting for train and before going on the escalator.

To sum up the vibe, I made a video (finally) about the strolling nights in Tokyo.  The video is blurry and shaky, most of the clips but I can say that I'm satisfied with the result.  It captured my favorite moments, train rides & night walks.

It was a pleasant quick trip, Tokyo was fun of course but now I am living on the other side of Japan that may be different from others show in social media.  Living in Kikuchi has been (so far) amazing and giving me a whole lot of new experiences.  Many great posts coming ahead!

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