Photo Diary : The Other Side of Japan Pt.1


Living in the rural side area of Japan was probably a great blessing for me.  Growing up in the big and crowded city (Bogor is actually not big but it's close to Jakarta - so it's crowded), Kikuchi was probably the quietest place I had ever lived in.

Japan is identical to the city lights, advanced technologies, trains and strict work places.  Some of are true, some of are just stereotypes.  I lived in rural side area which was almost completely dark in the night, worked in the very 'humane' office and did not really taste the advanced technologies (although my office had a robot for the manufacture purpose and I saw some robots in the shopping arcade).  At first, I was surprised to see this other side of Japan.  Nowhere to go, no shopping malls nearby, no train, city was already dead at 8 PM especially it was winter, everything went off early.

On October, most of the days were light rain and gloomy.  Sun was rarely out, I actually felt weird whenever it was a sunny day in October.  It was like I got used to the gloomy days and forgot how bright the day was when there was a sun.

Went on Kaki harvest and picked these Kaki (Pear) by myself.

Dying Trees.

On autumn, Kikuchi is filled with cosmos.

Rare pictures of Kikuchi with bright sunshine :

Susuki -  On that day I took this picture, half of the sky was dark because of the cloud but the other half was this bright sunset shining.  It was beautifully weird.

The pictures were developed in local camera/photo shop in Kikuchi.  The owners were an old couple, the grandpa was a man with thick Kumamoto accent that I could not understand and the grandma was a sweet person who gave me a box of chocolate on my last day in Kikuchi.

There are still another pictures taken during my stay in Japan and probably will be on my blog whenever I feel like posting it.  (Also, I am planning to make a post about developing film roll in Japan based on my experience).
  • Film roll : Superia X-tra 400
  • Camera : Olympus Trip 100R

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