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You know, I suck at taking care of myself, I really do - but hopefully after this event, I care a bit more about my skin.

Last Sunday, I got an opportunity to attend an blogger gathering event held by Bio-Oil and C-Channel.  We were gathered in the venue at 7 am.  Yes, you've heard me right, 7 am, on Sunday.  Not that I complain though since my life has been a mess these past few months, so waking up a bit early and joining an exercise were actually.. Not bad.

We gathered and exercised together!  Me!  Exercised!

It wasn't an usual exercise.  At first I thought we were going to have a yoga or something but there were green sticks.  My curiosity was answered after the coach for the exercise called, that sticks were called ripstix.  What was I doing actually?  Well, I had this amazing exercise named pound fit!
It was like modern dance, except you held those sticks and played it around together, following the beat (in my case, the coach).  It wasn't easy but it was fun!  It didn't really feel like an exercise, it was as if we were dancing.  After the exercise, we had a short talk about why exercise was important for our health (obviously), especially for skin.  Exercise helps you to have a better blood circulation and better blood circulation means better skin, as WebMD states exercise is like clearing your skin from inside.

After the exercise, we changed and gathered in a room for the main event with Bio-Oil!

Bio-Oil is a product from South Africa that has been known for fading the scars, stretch mark and moisturize the dry skin.  Who doesn't want a dewy and flawless skin?  But life is not perfect, so does your skin.  We stumbled, we fell and some scars remain as unwanted mementos on our skin.  Not to mention pollution, bad UV light that harm your skin.  Luckily, Bio-Oil will help us to reach almost perfect state of skin.  Almost because it won't 100% erasing it but it helps fading the uneven color your skin so people won't notice the dark spot you have on your knee because you fell from your bike some months ago!
Influencer, Tyna Kanna Mirdad, was also there in the event.  She told us her experience in using Bio-Oil to help her restore the uneven color on her body.  When she was pregnant, she also used Bio-Oil to reduce the stretch mark visibility.  After the sharing, we had a class from Mrs.  Tini from Bio-Oil about further explanations on how to keep your skin healthy, benefits of Bio-Oil (mentioned above!) and the most fun part: using Bio-Oil as a part of your DIY Skin Care!

So, what is Bio-Oil and what makes it special?

- What's inside Bio-Oil?  It has combination of plan extracts plus vitamins inside an oil base.  What makes Bio-Oil different is it contains PurCellin Oil ingredient in, makes Bio-Oil light and non-greasy.  It's like the oil absorbed into your skin right away instead of stay on your skin, making it greasy and uncomfortable!
- Who can use Bio-Oil?  Almost everyone!  Since Bio-Oil won't make your skin greasy, it's suitable for people who have little time to take care of their skin.  Bio-Oil is also safe for pregnant women or women who are breast-feeding (but do not put it on your nipple since Bio-Oil is for external use only).  Bio-Oil has proven to be hypoallergenic, it means it doesn't irritate your skin.  But if you have special skin condition like atophy or eczema, consulting with your dermatologist will be a better idea to understand how much & long you'll need to use it.  I have dermatitis atophy and so far Bio-Oil did great on my skin, at least it helped me to ease the urge to scratch my skin for some hours!
- How long should I use Bio-Oil to see the effect?  Mrs. Tini said it would be better to use Bio-Oil for more than 3 months regularly to see the better effect.  Pour some drops of Bio-Oil on your back of the hand and massage the oil in circular until the oil is absorbed on the places you want.  Use it twice a day, highly suggested to put on right away after taking shower.
- Can I use Bio-Oil with natural ingredients?  You can!  We learned that we can make a DIY mask or scrub using Bio-Oil and other ingredients.  Here are some of the recipes!

It was a fun event because not only I get to know more about Bio-Oil, but I also get to know more about healthy skin itself!  It was all I needed, since suffering from atopic dermatitis means having numerous uneven skin tones as the punishment of your excessive scratching habit.  I'm currently using the product for a week straight and it helps the dryness and eases the itchiness.  Healthy habit leads to healthy skin, I think my future 35 self will thank me if I continue using the product to stop  my bad habit in scratching!

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